But the “M/S Corporatocracy” seemed such a steady vessel?

From shore it didn’t look quite so violent. Or had he just become a little hardened by the inevitable and seemingly endless prelude to the downturn? He took a few cautious steps backwards, the wet clothes still sticking to his body. An equally soaked rat stepped on to the beach, shook its oleaginous fur, darted past him and cheered in passing: “Race you to it! Those beads sure ain’t gonna string themselves aye?” He turned and looked inland. The jungle looked anything but inviting.

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RAT - 2009, 150 x 100 cm

For now a few select productions to start with. Find the gallery in the MORE menu to the right. Will update as progress happens. In other words: not so often.

Inspired by some roadkill I came across one day while getting lost on my bike, almost squashing through the fresh corpse of a fat grey rat, its pose or rather rigor mortem almost as depicted here giving away a sense of loss but also relief, the mix of impressions talked to me and my memory enough to stay and be put to canvas. The scissors? Have no idea. Looked long and hard for an addition to the rat before this candidate stuck or should I say, cut loose?