“Stamen/Anther” is done. So is “Fallopia/Piston Postcards” and maybe that ends the flower paintings. In progress you find a board with a border inspired by Ottoman illumination

↓ ”Stamen/Anther” or “Coming”, (595 x 460 mm), mixed media on MDF.595x460_Stamen
The stamen is the “male” reproductive organ you commonly find in the middle of a flower surrounding the “female” part: the stigma. At the end of the stamen you find an anther. That is where pollen is produced and eventually discharged from. If you are a flower you want to spread that stuff in order to procreate. To that purpose many flowers use the help of bees and other insects. Doesn’t get any sexier, amirite?

↓ “Fallopia/Piston Postcards” or “Longing”, (125 ≈ 127 x 190≈ 245 mm), mixed media on cardboard.
The second piece from the top actually travelled the atlantic by mail twice before this piece was complete. A Fallopia is a vine many consider an invasive weed. It has an unrelenting urge to cover all and everything with itself. A piston serves only one purpose: to compress, to be driven, to drive and to never ever stop. Unless you run out of juices to combust. Then you need to take a nap.

↓ Untitled work in progress, (600 x 400 mm), mixed media on MDF.600x402
Ottoman illuminations surround words of scripture or the like. The Ottoman empire is now Turkey. Turkey borders Syria. Syria has effectively ceased to be a healthy society. Nothing holy going on in there.


Update: finished stuff and works in progress. Lots of mixed media, acrylic and genitalia. Current soundtrack by Yasmin Hamdan, especially the song “Enta Fen, Again” from “Ya Nass”

↓”Official Target vs. Erlösung”, (440 x 375 mm, apx and respectively), mixed media on cardboard


I am a pacifistic, anti-violence revolutionary, more-feminist-than-my-mother peace-lover first. Next I am a scientist, explorer, fighter, curiouser-than-your-cat mega-nerd. So I went to Springfield, MO and shot a police issue Glock 22, 9 mm, pistol, and much to my surprise I was actually able to do it -pull a trigger. The target wasn’t anthropomorphic, so that helped. It was by far the most violent thing I have ever experienced: the sheer force and brutal sound coming from my hand left me trembling with adrenalin. Back home the target and the experience went in to this piece; my way of making peace with it. Later I happened to be in Berlin, Germany,  on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and cut the word “Erlösung” (“Redemption/Salvation”. It’s a wordplay on “Endlösung”, “The Final Solution”) from a newspaper and incorporated it in the diptych. Adding and/or blocking out with intersecting diagrammatic graphics of reproductive organs of flowers and spiritual islamic geometric patterns is probably just a feeble-minded attempt to come to peace with all this violence.

↓”Stigma vs. Myopia”, (390 x 570 mm, apx and respectively), mixed media on cardboard


↓  No title, (540 x 598 mm)


↓”Stunted vs. Pacific”, (360 x 360 mm, apx and respectively), mixed media on cardboard


↓  Work in progress: “Anther Penis Thing”, (595 x 460 mm) mixed media


↓  Work in progress, (480 x 460 mm, apx and respectively), mixed media on cardboard


↓  Work in progress, (480 x 460 mm, apx and respectively), mixed media on cardboard


Done. Now have a seat. But be careful while you march on, alright?

↓ “The Chair” or “Auto-portrait #117” (367 x 475)




It is well known that when you do anything, unless you understand its actual circumstances, its nature and its relations to other things, you will not know the laws governing it, or know how to do it, or be able to do it well.

毛泽东 (Mao Zedong)

Working title: “Chair, man” (367 x 475) 



“The right foot” has been put down. Onward we go at a steady pace. The soundtrack alternates between Emily Wells, Savages, Steven Reich and some Deftones

↓ “The right foot” (800 x 495) is finished. Good riddance to that and fare well. It was nice to get you out of my mouth.

↓ Working title: “Chair, man” (367 x 475) Look! 2 penises!


↓ (540 x 598) This one’s getting hairy. Literally.


↓ (595 x 460)
↓ (600 x 402)

↓ (425 x 620) I think that dark red field becomes a plinth of sorts
↓ (203 x 203) Sometimes one’s palette/testing-range gets interesting …
↓ (300 x 300) Ditto

Progressive workings: nothing is more boring than a blog where some Schmock wannabe artist incessantly posts his ‘art’, without even bothering to explain why he does it or for that matter what the (bleep) it is his so-called audience is actually looking at. Right?

‘Schmock’ btw, is a yiddish word and has most of the same meanings as it has in american english. According to trustworthy sources its original meaning is ‘penis’ (from old polish smok,  ‘grass snake, dragon,’). So being a dick is a true and ancient art form, it seems. It is also interesting that the german  word ‘Schmuck’ means ‘jewelry’. Talk about ‘family jewels’. Of course it is an ongoing discussion which word derives from which. As if it matters.

May I present to you the latest stage of my attempt to portray my ears as something more than exterior listening devices and carriers of adornments. It is also my first floral artwork ever, albeit even that has been disputed. Whatev’ …




Title: “Listen”.  (460 mm x 635 mm)



(760 mm x 635 mm)