Postulation? All signs made on cardboard are a social commentary of one kind or another.

Except maybe the ones printed there en masse you might think, but then: not really. It does not matter whether you are picketing a behaviour incompatible with your own, asking for a free ride in a particular direction or soliciting financial compensation for your misfortune. Those are just the actions behind the sign. The sign itself is what you see first: a statement, a bulletin, an intention spelled out as clearly (or misguided) as the designer is intellectually capable of. Find them on the streets, discarded after use or ready at hand, more than often frayed with the incapability to change much if anything. But still and always addressing someones need or willingness to engage in some kind of social contract, to buy, to sell or whatnot and thereby issuing that postulated commentary. Is that reason enough for yours truly to apply artfulness on them? That is as legit a question as anyone and there’s this: as of 2011, fifteen percent ( of this planets human inhabitants still see to their bodily needs in the open.

↓ Title(s): “En Suite: the right turn, our collective values, their shared advantages and the sound of freedom” (365 x 485 mm, mixed media on cardboard, work in perpetual progress)


The right turn:
“I am the light!” she yelled and blew her whistle.


Our collective values:
… that night he kept walking by our windows,
screaming his frustration at his phone: “… but I love you, asshole!”


Their shared advantages:
“Flinging magnetic curses amid the toil of piling job on job, here is a tall bold slugger set vivid against the little soft cities.” (C. Sandburg)


The sound of freedom:
“The Uniform Plumbing Code, section 409.2.2 requires that all water closet seats, except those within dwelling units or for private use, shall be of the open front type.”


Odense to Chicago. Via rohrschmap.com. Mental.

Work in progress: Heart. The painting that will never be finished. Or so I like to think.


Oh well. I put my heart on the map, or rather vice versa. And it got a little to white-ish. I intended it a little more transparent. But hey, who cares. The operation, which I thought would take me all day was cut short when I decided to do it on the floor anyway, it was so much easier but hard on those sclerotic legs albeit healthy for them I suppose. Rendered some shadow parts in the heart a little darker too. Next step is finalizing the outline on the heart before applying the next map on top of everything else. Lot of thoughts on that one too: do it in colored but thinner outlines? Multicolored? Do it with posca pens? Hm. We’ll see. It’s good to be working again.