Odense to Chicago. Via Mental.

Work in progress: Heart. The painting that will never be finished. Or so I like to think.


Oh well. I put my heart on the map, or rather vice versa. And it got a little to white-ish. I intended it a little more transparent. But hey, who cares. The operation, which I thought would take me all day was cut short when I decided to do it on the floor anyway, it was so much easier but hard on those sclerotic legs albeit healthy for them I suppose. Rendered some shadow parts in the heart a little darker too. Next step is finalizing the outline on the heart before applying the next map on top of everything else. Lot of thoughts on that one too: do it in colored but thinner outlines? Multicolored? Do it with posca pens? Hm. We’ll see. It’s good to be working again.