Done. Now have a seat. But be careful while you march on, alright?

↓ “The Chair” or “Auto-portrait #117” (367 x 475)




Not in this case, I believe. History has proven you wrong more than once, Mr. Breivik.

There is no conviction, however heart-felt it might be, that justifies any atrocity committed such as yours. The question of your mental health plays little or no role at all in establishing a reason for what you’ve done. Neither does the question of your political view. Your act was undoubtedly insane and without question a political dead-end.

You are proof, that by putting your fist where your heart is, you fail. Maybe we all should put our hearts where our fists are and unclench, please.

Work in progress: Heart. The painting that will never be finished. Or so I like to think.


Oh well. I put my heart on the map, or rather vice versa. And it got a little to white-ish. I intended it a little more transparent. But hey, who cares. The operation, which I thought would take me all day was cut short when I decided to do it on the floor anyway, it was so much easier but hard on those sclerotic legs albeit healthy for them I suppose. Rendered some shadow parts in the heart a little darker too. Next step is finalizing the outline on the heart before applying the next map on top of everything else. Lot of thoughts on that one too: do it in colored but thinner outlines? Multicolored? Do it with posca pens? Hm. We’ll see. It’s good to be working again.