A mazing calendar for next year. The one called 2014. I guess you either get it. Or you don’t.


Just because time is linear by measure does not automatically make it coherent to perception. As such there are no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ days. The days are just what you decide to make of them and if you don’t, somebody else probably will. Either way: all your days are numbered and if you’d like a highres pdf of this/these, hit me with an email in the comments. Have a nice day.2014

Calendar artwork for the 13th year in the 3rd millennium (2013/MMXIII) published with slight delay.


Twentythirteen at your disposal. Apart from the obvious like dates, days, weeks, months and so forth, I only marked the phases of the moon, equinoxes, solstices and the european DST (daylight saving time) this year. Aren’t you lucky.

Of course you can nick the .jpg off this page if that’s enough for you, but there’s a high quality, print worthy .pdf here.