Eight boards in progress including a finished “Nine for a Kiss”. That one has had its title amended.

↓  “Damages / Nine for a Kiss” (700 x 425) is finished.
The Danish name for the Magpie (Pica Pica) is “Skade” which means injury or damage. Superstition has many names and in this case it comes with a lovely plumage.

"Damages" or "Nine for a Kiss"untitle

↓  “Nine for a Kiss” Cut-out details


↓ “The right foot” (800 x 495) So this is getting close to the finish line. Those red things are myelin sheaths. They wrap around and insulate your axons. Sometimes they get damaged and the current gets fucked. Loss of bandwidth ensues etc.800x495800x495800x495


↓ (540 x 598) This one’s getting hairy. Literally.


↓ (595 x 460)
↓ (600 x 402)

↓ (367 x 475)
You might still see a penis there. Good. Nothing like Cowper’s fluid hn?

↓ (425 x 620) I think that dark red field becomes a plinth of sorts
↓ (203 x 203) Sometimes one’s palette/testing-range gets interesting …
↓ (300 x 300) Ditto




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