Progressive workings: nothing is more boring than a blog where some Schmock wannabe artist incessantly posts his ‘art’, without even bothering to explain why he does it or for that matter what the (bleep) it is his so-called audience is actually looking at. Right?

‘Schmock’ btw, is a yiddish word and has most of the same meanings as it has in american english. According to trustworthy sources its original meaning is ‘penis’ (from old polish smok,  ‘grass snake, dragon,’). So being a dick is a true and ancient art form, it seems. It is also interesting that the german  word ‘Schmuck’ means ‘jewelry’. Talk about ‘family jewels’. Of course it is an ongoing discussion which word derives from which. As if it matters.

May I present to you the latest stage of my attempt to portray my ears as something more than exterior listening devices and carriers of adornments. It is also my first floral artwork ever, albeit even that has been disputed. Whatev’ …




Title: “Listen”.  (460 mm x 635 mm)



(760 mm x 635 mm)


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