Just found Buddha in the middle aisle and might as well kill myself?

As Kōans go, this one (“If you see the Buddha on your way, kill him”) is actually easy to understand, although the interwebs will serve up a plethora of different interpretations for the gullible believer all far more kōan-ish than the original. The same miss- or faux-understanding of elementary philosophic questions disguised as esotericism is probably how my grocery-store Buddha got behind bars on the back of my package of non-caffeinated ginger-tea in the form of this innocent graphic that helps the system to identify my purchase at the checkout in order to charge me the right amount minus the discount, but also to tell someone in charge at the backend of mentioned system to whip out some lowly minimum wage worker to fill up the void i left on the shelf. I believe.

But hey. Brother Buddha just wanted to say this and then for you to leave him alone under the mango tree, so take it and bugger off: your path to nirvana can not be found outside yourself. Duh, right? Easy. Piece of cake. Swallow hard and move on. If you at the end of your miserable day, week and/or life want some salvation, redemption, rebirth, more facebook-likes or just some blissed out whatnot, only you, yourself and yes you are the means to that particular end.

Btw and oy vey: as a sworn anti-theist I have no fallback in that department. There is no hail mary that will save me from the purgatory I will go through for masturbating in the shower. There are no ticker-tape-parades or 72 doe-eyed virgins waiting for me at the pearly gates for altruistically helping geriatrics with crossing the streets unscathed. I have canceled all subscriptions and forfeited my future christmas gifts. But alas, I have a brain for me, myself and I to think about koans or maybe the sexy beauty of a diminished 5th in a chord etcetera. All I want. And for that I am thankful.

It also leaves me sleepless at times. Tossing, turning and thinking about the ongoing atrocities of religious ignorance still staining my species despite all those centuries of debate, science, art and whatnot clearly proving that god is dead and stinking the place up. So I need a tea without caffeine. And preferably a good one without to deep a carbon footprint. You know, something sustainable and wholesome that makes me feel good on all kinds of levels. So I grabbed this package that accommodates most of those needs and I voted with my dollar trying to ignore the over-the-top and ghastly hippie-graphics on the front. Well at home and ready to zen out I found the gimmicky Buddha bar code on the back. I am not sleepy yet.


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