the harder you try = jo hårdere du prøver Bukowski, translated

Once again Charles hit/hid a note of ringing truth, somewhere. And I found it worthwhile to have a go at a danification, since it’s applicable to this little self-righteous gene pool they call denmark, somehow. Knowing that Mr. Bukowski was a german-born white guy living in Los Angeles, hanging with all kinds of cats; the line about the “wise white boys” probably could have a more direct contemporary “cultural” translation, but I stayed true to his meter, somewhat. The only liberty I took was to emphasize “garbage” in translating it to literal “shit”, since we danes are very very fond of that word and use it without discrimination and always and everywhere, flaunting our ignorance that has become the pride of all our national characteristics, someway.

the harder you try 

the waste of words
continues with a stunning
as the waiter runs by carrying the loaded
for all the wise white boys who laugh at
no matter. no matter,
as long as your shoes are tied and nobody is walking too close
just being able to scratch yourself and
be nonchalant is victory
those constipated minds that seek larger meaning
will be dispatched with the other
back off.
if there is a light
it will find

jo hårdere du prøver

de spildte ord
fortsætter med en forbløffende
og tjeneren løber forbi og bærer sin fyldte
for alle de bedrevidende hvide drenge der griner af
lige meget. det er lige meget,
så længe du har bundet dine sløjfer, og ingen kommer for tæt på
bare det at være i stand til at klø sig selv og
være nonchalant er sejr
de der forstoppede sjæle der leder efter en dybere mening
vil blive ordnet sammen med al det andet
hold så op.
hvis der findes et lys
vil det finde


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