Deconstructed consumerism. 3 receipts systematically re-arranged in order to tell you something equally meaningless. On that account it all adds up to quite a bit of nothing.

Receipt #1, june 2010: 

Fresh apple juice, coldpressed from ’Elstar’ apples. ’Elstar’ is a cultivar from a cross between ’Golden Delicious’ and ’Ingrid Marie’ apples. Known for their sweetness and high vitamin C content. Blackcurrant juice, organic. Blackcurrants are berries native to Europe and extremely high on vitamin C, 302% of the Daily Value per 100g, Growing Blackcurrants is still banned in New Hampshire. Strawberries, danish, unknown cultivar. The common Garden Strawberry was bred from plants brought to France from the Americas in 1740. 2007: 3,824,678 tons worldwide. 245 glyphs on the receipt, including 2 letters of ’Ø’. It is a mono-phthongal  close-mid front rounded vowel. In Danish spelling, ’Ø’ is also a word and means ’island’.

Receipt #2, june 2010: 

For 54 minutes of perpendicular parking in downtown Odense, Denmark. The population of Odense municipality owns a total of 64.837 cars. Skilled drivers may be able to parallel park successfully by backing with the steering wheel turned all the way to the right and then immediately cranking the wheel all the way to the left at a critical point. Inner city residents pay an annual fee of 250 dkk to park. 225 glyphs, including 3 pictograms depicting a swans head correlating to the autobiographical fairytale of ’The Ugly Duckling’ by Hans Christian Andersen, a native to Odense.

Receipt #3, june 2010: 

Harira: tomato- and lentil-based soup also known as ’Ramadan-soup’. ’Fatimas Fingers’: fried rolls of phyllo-dough with tuna. Cold been salad: pilaki-style with couscous added. Chicken tagine with potatoes, chickpeas, cilantro and a little to much turmeric. Dessert: 4 different kinds of sweet phyllo pastries (baklava) and fruit. Coffee: arabian-style with ground cardamom. Boukha: high alcohol volume, transparent and sweet fig-brandy. Tagine: crockery-pot with cone-shaped cover designed to promote the return of all condensation to the bottom part and to infuse the contents during slow cooking. Casablanca is Moroccos largest city. 460 glyphs.


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