Integrated (via Adventures and Japes)

Spot on, again. On behalf on some of my fellow danes I hereby extend an apology to AJ. But some of these things go really deep, even in harmonic, educated and tolerant danes. We are a tribe more than a people I guess. Due to my being half-german, or rather danish-ethnic german, I am often asked by american friends how the people of germany allowed the nazis to gain power. My answer is simply for them to have a look at contemporary denmark; how the culture of bigotry trickles down (just to borrow a Reagan phrase) from the speakers chair of parliament to firtsgraders in school. It is disgusting and to my eyes extremely dangerous and it takes a friendly foreigner to call it. To actually see that the emperor is naked. So thank you and allow me to reblog. Would love to hear your view on our state-church and its close affiliation with schooling, government, constitution and monarchy. On that note I’d wish kids were taught “democracy” and not “christianity”

Integrated I am totally integrated now though this is probably not what the Danish authorities meant. Søren "effing" Pind would probably shake his comedy head and say with his comedy voice "No, I did not mean like that… but… she's white, right? Ahh, doesn't matter then. She can do what she wants, ikke også?" If integration is about paying tax and going to work, I have been integrated since my first … Read More

via Adventures and Japes


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